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Woolly Soap


100% Michigan Wool hand-wrapped around natural olive oil based soap.


Product Description

Our Woolly’s are unique, one-of-kind soaps.  Each Woolly is olive oil based soap made with organic coconut and organic palm oil hand wrapped in 100% Michigan wool then finished off with a decorative tie.  To use, leave the tie on and completely saturate the Woolly with water.  Place a drop of shampoo on the Woolly to jump start the lather and begin to gently scrub your body. The more you scrub the more friction is placed on the wool and by the end of the bath you will have completely encapsulated the soap turning the wool into felt.  The felt will gently exfoliate your skin.  The more washing’s with the Woolly,  the tighter the felt becomes. Woolly’s do dry out in-between baths and are great for shower or next to the bathroom sink.  Kids love them and parents love them because the kids actually scrub their hands and the Woolly does not leave a soap residue on the bottom of the soap dish.    When the soap is completely used, the front will felt to the back and your felt is now a dryer ball to help expedite drying clothes and cutting down on dryer time.  100% recyclable and re-purposed with no waste, now that’s a good product!  Woolly’s make wonderful, unique gifts and come with their own tag explaining how to use them.  4+ ounce bar.  Note:  Color of wool may vary.

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